Our decisions shape who we are and the reality we live in.

The advantages of thinking gray

Black-and-white thinking distorts your ability to see reality objectively. Jumping to conclusions too quickly when making important decisions does not serve you well. The stakes are high because your decisions will play a large part in determining whether you succeed or fail. The world is complex. To efficiently navigate life, we make instant judgments. We... more

Unlocking innovation with wireless power

What if we could power robots, sensors, tools, and all electronic devices wirelessly? Imagine if designers of devices in health care, manufacturing, logistics, and construction were not limited by wires or batteries. Wireless power is going to unleash a wave of new innovation just like wireless communication unlocked smart phones and WiFi liberated data and... more

College is broken. New models can help fix it.

Education provides the foundation of our prosperity as a society. Our chance to improve our quality of life requires transferring knowledge to the next generation to spur innovation and accelerate technology development. To compete in the global marketplace, the United States must deliver high-quality education to its citizens. History is littered with failed civilizations. Unless... more

Mental models – a secret weapon for startup founders

Mental models help startup founders avoid bias and blind spots, thus making decisions less risky. A mental model is an idea that helps you better understand the reality of the world around you. They provide shortcuts to higher-level thinking by forcing your brain to think about a problem or decision from different perspectives. Mental models... more

Don’t act like a victim

People who struggle with victim mentality blame other people and their circumstances for their unhappiness. Blaming other people is not productive. Victim mentality robs us of our agency and power. It prevents us from taking responsibility and action to improve our situation. According to Webster’s dictionary, “a victim is someone that has been injured, tricked,... more

My search for meaning

What’s the meaning of life? It took me decades to realize I was asking the wrong question. There is no one answer that applies to everyone. Rather, we create meaning through our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Now, I ask a better question: How do I create meaning and purpose in my life? From listening to... more

Innovation requires the competition of ideas

The advance of knowledge requires the collision of ideas. Good ideas survive deep skepticism and intense competition. Look at the United States Constitution, which is a collection of ideas that were fiercely debated and challenged before it was adopted. Those ideas have stood the test of time. Stress-testing ideas exposes their weaknesses and highlights their... more

Avoid blind spots and make smarter decisions

Every problem we face — including war, crime, climate change, and income inequality — can be traced to decisions made by an individual or group of individuals. A company’s success or failure is the result of decisions. Decisions you make about school, career, health, and relationships have massive impact on your individual well-being and success.... more

Develop great leaders to grow a great company

People are the most valuable asset of a company. Developing people is the key to building a successful company. Companies gain competitive advantage by investing in leadership development and building a healthy, high-performance culture, on a foundation of feedback and support. Great leaders inspire people to act. Inspiring others provides a person his or her... more

Hold yourself accountable

Tracking progress and being accountable to my goals is difficult. Work and family responsibilities constantly compete for time. Without building in a method to track progress and hold myself accountable, it’s unlikely I will be able to build the life I want. Track what is important. Track areas of your life that are most important... more
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