Hi, I’m Brian Gitt.

I help investors in the energy sector make better investments that maximize returns while making a real contribution to the well-being of people and the planet.

I draw on 20+ years of industry experience to expose false beliefs about renewable energy and the problems with the environmental, social, governance (ESG) narrative. See an example of how false beliefs about renewable energy are driving bad decisions and harming the environment

I also help leaders of energy companies that are responsible for ESG strategy find compelling ways of telling their stories to a wider audience. And I help investors who aim at addressing environmental problems make decisions that weigh the real costs and benefits of different energy solutions.

Brian Gitt

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My background:

  • I led business development at Reach Labs to deliver long-range wireless power (no wires or batteries) in industrial, asset management, and supply chain applications.
  • I founded a software company, backed by Y Combinator, which provided homebuyers with estimates for their utility costs. Our product brought a new level of transparency to the process of buying, renting, and renovating housing.
  • I was the CEO of a consulting firm (acquired by Frontier Energy) specializing in clean energy to commercialize new technology in buildings, vehicles, and power plants.
  • I was the Executive Director of Build It Green (nonprofit) to mainstream green building, where I built a network of 2,500 building industry stakeholders (included contractors, suppliers, realtors, lenders, utilities, and public agencies.)

In my spare time, I also love writing about decision-making, productivity, and mental fitness.

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To get candid articles about energy and ESG.