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Hi, I’m Brian Gitt.

I help investors, policymakers, and corporate leaders invest in better energy solutions.


Energy must be reliable. It must supply our most critical systems with power 24/7/365 no matter the weather conditions: hospitals, national defense, data centers, GPS, communication, traffic lights, and water treatment.


Energy must be low-cost. If it isn’t, businesses can’t make the products we want, and people can’t afford to heat their homes or power the appliances that make life easier.


Energy must be clean. It must promote human well-being, lower pollution, and shrink our environmental footprint.


Reliable, affordable energy has driven the technological advancements that make modern life possible. It’s provided food, safety, clean water, healthcare, sanitation, education, and economic opportunity; it’s lifted billions of people out of extreme poverty, and led to unprecedented advances in quality of life.


If we want to continue driving innovation in fields like AI, robotics, and healthcare, and continue lifting people in the developing world out of poverty, we need to continue investing in more efficient, reliable, and energy-dense sources.

Brian Gitt

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Professional Background:

  • I lead business development at Oklo, a startup developing next-generation nuclear technologies that deliver reliable low-cost clean energy 24/7.
  • I led business development at Reach Labs to deliver long-range wireless power in industrial, asset management, and supply chain applications.
  • I founded a software company, backed by Y Combinator, to instantly show homeowners how much money they could save by installing solar panels or upgrading air conditioning and heating systems.
  • I was the CEO of a consulting firm (acquired by Frontier Energy) specializing in clean energy to commercialize new technology in buildings, vehicles, and power plants.
  • I was the Executive Director of Build It Green a nonprofit aimed at mainstreaming green building, where I built a network of 2,500 building industry stakeholders including contractors, suppliers, realtors, lenders, utilities, and public agencies.

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