Our decisions shape who we are and the reality we live in.

Meditation: The antidote to suffering

Life provides a lot of challenges and opportunities for disappointment and not getting what you want. You get fired. You get dumped. Your business fails. You think you’re fat. You’re diagnosed with an illness. Your kids don’t want to spend time with you. How you internalize these experiences determines how you feel. Mental suffering is optional most of the time. You can train your mind to... more

Double your productivity

The only thing more valuable than your attention is the energy you deplete to direct it. To double your productivity, you must design habits, workflow, and systems to promote the efficient use of energy. Energy is upstream of time. Time management is important, but it’s not the root of the... more

Learn rare and valuable skills

To gain an unfair advantage and accelerate your career, master these in-demand meta-skills. You’ll become a magnet for opportunities and gain the freedom to choose exciting, attractive work. To seize opportunities, you need to master skills years before you need them. If you procrastinate or become complacent, you’ll not only miss opportunities but actually be in danger of getting left... more

How to evaluate job offers

Learn why pro-con lists are bad. Instead use mental models (e.g., Prestige test, Hell yeah or no, Make a bet) and the job decision scorecard to help you compare scenarios, assess risk, improve your thinking, and evaluate options.... more

Tell a better story to make more money

Your story is your most valuable asset. Get the job you want by learning to tell it well. Effectively telling your story is key to persuading, influencing, and inspiring the people you want to work with. Don't settle for making less money in a job you don't like because you don’t know how to communicate your strengths and your potential.... more

Build social capital

Learn the secret to success money can’t buy that Benjamin Franklin (a U.S. founding father) and Peter Theil (co-founder of PayPal, Palantir, and Founders Fund) have in... more

Aim at the right target

Career decisions are bets on your future. Your job choices are the most crucial coordinates under your control as you move toward your goals. Your direction matters more than your speed, so what you decide to work on is far more important than how hard you work. You can be a fantastic engineer, marketer, or salesperson, but if you work on the wrong problem, take the wrong role, or work at the... more

Don’t miss out on the Information Age’s golden opportunities

Learn the three main levers to gain a competitive advantage and increase your market value. We’re living through a remarkable moment: the beginning of The Information Age, a transformation reshaping society and how we work. As we shed the Industrial Age, like a snake slithering out of old skin, we discover that we need a new toolbox of skills and work habits.... more

Negotiate job offers

You could lose over $1 million over your career if you choose not to negotiate when receiving job offers. And you may be surprised by research that says negotiators who put forward their offer first usually come out ahead. Learn how to negotiate effectively to earn more money and gain the respect of the hiring manager. If you don't, you'll make lifestyle sacrifices, be paid less than what you're... more

Busting the myths about work and success

Do you believe any of the myths about work and success? See what the research has taught us about the best predictors of job satisfaction. The results surprised me! If you hold any of these misconceptions, you may benefit from what I’m going to... more
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