• Why invest in Liberty Oilfield Services?
    Liberty is a tech company disguised as an oilfield services firm. Technology innovations are helping the company increase production, lower costs, and enhance environmental, social, and governance (ESG)... more
  • Why invest in nuclear and natural gas?
    Natural gas and nuclear power will be the big winners in the energy sector over the next 20 years. They have a competitive advantage over solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, coal, and oil. That advantage, combined with market factors, sets up rare... more
  • Solar’s dirty secrets: How solar power hurts people and the planet
    False beliefs about renewable energy are harming the environment. I say this as someone who championed renewable energy for over two decades—first as executive director of a green building non-profit, then as CEO of a consulting firm specializing... more
  • On judgment-based decisions
    Your decisions are bets on your future. What you decide to work on is far more important than how hard you work. Tactics don't matter if you have the wrong strategy. Your direction matters more than your speed. In the end, you are your choices.... more
  • Question your beliefs
    Most of the time we believe what we hear. And too often we hear—and then believe—things that are not true. But imagine how hard it would be to question every fact and underlying assumption you hear or read throughout the day. Your brain acts... more
  • Taming emotion
    Your emotions influence your decisions. Learning to read and regulate your emotions will help you make better choices and build better relationships. When I was nineteen, I spent four months traveling in India to learn meditation. Given the... more
  • Feedback accelerates learning
    Feedback helps you better see the reality of world around you. It allows you to correct mistakes and learn faster. Feedback gives you an opportunity to gain empathy by seeing different perspectives, and it shines a bright light on your blind spots,... more
  • Write to think better
    Nothing is more important or more valuable than thinking and communicating clearly. Thinking before acting helps you minimize expensive and painful mistakes. Clear thinking allows you to prioritize effectively, produce more, and make better... more
  • Double your productivity
    The only thing more valuable than your attention is the energy you deplete to direct it. To double your productivity, you must design habits, workflow, and systems to promote the efficient use of energy. Energy is upstream of time. Time management... more
  • Learn rare and valuable skills
    To gain an unfair advantage and accelerate your career, master these in-demand meta-skills. You’ll become a magnet for opportunities and gain the freedom to choose exciting, attractive work. To seize opportunities, you need to master skills years... more
  • Build social capital
    Learn the secret to success money can’t buy that Benjamin Franklin (a U.S. founding father) and Peter Theil (co-founder of PayPal, Palantir, and Founders Fund) have in... more
  • Aim at the right target
    Career decisions are bets on your future. Your job choices are the most crucial coordinates under your control as you move toward your goals. Your direction matters more than your speed, so what you decide to work on is far more important than how... more
  • Don’t miss out on the Information Age’s golden opportunities
    Learn the three main levers to gain a competitive advantage and increase your market value. We’re living through a remarkable moment: the beginning of The Information Age, a transformation reshaping society and how we work. As we shed the... more
  • How do you generate new business ideas?
    The best way to develop ideas for new services or products is to consider your own problems. What do you find tedious, annoying, or inconvenient? How could you solve that problem or minimize the irritation? Solving your own problem will ensure the... more
  • Slow-burning questions
    Questions guide your attention toward a destination. Imagine you could look at a map depicting every important decision you’ve made. You would see that at every fork in the road you had faced a question. Your answer to that question determined... more
  • How’s the water?
    Like a fish in water, we are swimming in our cognitive biases, which are errors in thinking caused by our brain distorting reality. Our biases are pervasive, highly resistant to feedback, and can cause us to overlook or dismiss crucial... more
  • DO IT
    Following a process helps you improve the quality of your decisions. Too often we let thoughts bang around in our heads and never apply a process to structure our thinking. I created the acronym DO IT (Define Observe Imagine Test) to help me... more
  • How to beat robots and build wealth
    Career decisions determine where you invest the majority of your time. These important life decisions have a huge impact on your well-being and quality of life—and your risk of being replaced by a robot. In the industrialized economy of the 20th... more
  • Culture of envy
    Envy causes pain and unhappiness and can even lead to emotional or physical violence. We slip into envy when we resent others for their achievement or good fortune. There are two types of envy. Malicious envy wants the person who has found good... more
  • Treat mental fitness like physical fitness
    Do you dedicate time to improving your mental fitness? Most of us believe we should take active steps to improve our physical health, dedicating time to exercise and making an effort to eat healthier food. However, many of us don’t think much... more
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