• Aim with purpose
    Imagine if I picked you up from your house and drove you to the airport so you could catch a flight, but you had not yet decided where to go. You might get lucky and have a wonderful adventure, but chances are that your trip will be costlier and... more
  • Sin
    “To sin” means “to miss the mark.” And you have missed it. Weak-willed. Timid. Malleable. You are mediocre. How did you let this happen? Why do you continue to let this happen? Your dreams of greatness lie wet and soggy, like a loaf of bread... more
  • DO IT
    Following a process helps you improve the quality of your decisions. Too often we let thoughts bang around in our heads and never apply a process to structure our thinking. I created the acronym DO IT (Define Observe Imagine Test) to help me... more
  • Negotiate job offers
    You could lose over $1 million over your career if you choose not to negotiate when receiving job offers. And you may be surprised by research that says negotiators who put forward their offer first usually come out ahead. Learn how to negotiate... more
  • How to beat robots and build wealth
    Career decisions determine where you invest the majority of your time. These important life decisions have a huge impact on your well-being and quality of life—and your risk of being replaced by a robot. In the industrialized economy of the 20th... more
  • Culture of envy
    Envy causes pain and unhappiness and can even lead to emotional or physical violence. We slip into envy when we resent others for their achievement or good fortune. There are two types of envy. Malicious envy wants the person who has found good... more
  • How to evaluate job offers
    Learn why pro-con lists are bad. Instead use mental models (e.g., Prestige test, Hell yeah or no, Make a bet) and the job decision scorecard to help you compare scenarios, assess risk, improve your thinking, and evaluate options.... more
  • Treat mental fitness like physical fitness
    Do you dedicate time to improving your mental fitness? Most of us believe we should take active steps to improve our physical health, dedicating time to exercise and making an effort to eat healthier food. However, many of us don’t think much... more
  • Write down your decisions
    Write down and track decisions to improve your judgment over time. If you are not evaluating your decisions, how do you know you are making the right choices? Good outcomes are not a good indicator of a good decision. How much was due to luck?... more
  • Have fewer opinions
    We are not experts on most things, so why does everyone need to have an opinion on so many issues? It’s very difficult to convince yourself of a new idea if a contradictory idea is already anchored in your thinking. We are too frequently blinded... more
  • Tell a better story to make more money
    Your story is your most valuable asset. Get the job you want by learning to tell it well. Effectively telling your story is key to persuading, influencing, and inspiring the people you want to work with. Don't settle for making less money in a job... more
  • Don’t trust your gut
    The more complex the situation, the less you should trust your intuition, which is your brain’s attempt to make decisions based on patterns it recognizes from a lifetime of experiences. Unfortunately, our brains can’t process the level of... more
  • Let the best ideas win
    Good ideas survive deep skepticism and intense competition. Stress-testing ideas exposes their weaknesses and highlights their strengths. Innovation happens when people are encouraged to put forward their best thinking, no matter their status,... more
  • Make fewer decisions
    Create habits and automate decisions to save time and energy. Every decision we make throughout the day requires attention and carries an opportunity cost; thus, creating decision-making systems can make you more productive and less frazzled. Once... more
  • Busting the myths about work and success
    Do you believe any of the myths about work and success? See what the research has taught us about the best predictors of job satisfaction. The results surprised me! If you hold any of these misconceptions, you may benefit from what I’m going to... more
  • Always take the red pill
    Always seek out the truth even if it contradicts the beliefs you hold. Self-deceit and ignorance can harm you. In the science fiction movie The Matrix, Morpheus (played by Laurence Fishburne) offers Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) a blue pill and a red... more
  • Get multiple job offers
    Persuading decision-makers that you are the best person for the job is essential. But you also need to align the timing of the job offers. Use principles of persuasion and learn how to run a tight process to get multiple job offers. It doesn't do... more
  • Build high performance teams
    A group of people will be smarter and stronger than any one individual. Our prosperity has been built on this principle. Cooperation requires a common goal. Banding together to fight off predators. Hunting animals faster or stronger than you.... more
  • Rules for decision making
    Without rules we risk getting jerked like a puppet, simply reacting to conditions around us. Rules for behavior and communication allow us to work together more effectively, and rules can also help you make better decisions. Just as programming... more
  • Opportunity cost
    You make dozens of decisions every day. And every decision you make has a cost. By deciding to pursue one thing, you’re saying no to something else. At work, if you decide to participate in a meeting, that timeslot is filled and you can’t spend... more
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