I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and podcaster. And I love to learn. My curiosity and desire to constantly improve my life and my skills led me to seek out teachers, principles, and experiences that could help me. Entrepreneurship was a perfect fit for me because it embodies this instinct for learning and solving problems. In business, how fast you learn and how much you learn largely determines whether you succeed or fail. Creating and building businesses has provided me opportunities to build skills, contribute value, and help people.


I believe sharing knowledge and empowering entrepreneurs is the best way to solve problems and improve our quality of life. Learning to write better is the best way I’ve found to improve my thinking so I can share knowledge. Writing forces me to wrestle with my ideas and understand what I think. Writing also exposes gaps in my knowledge while allowing me to see the interactive effects of ideas. My goal is to pursue ideas that can help me better understand myself and the world and share these insights with others.

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